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Heater Core Removal & Hose Routing - 77 F250 460 no A/C

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 10:19 PM

How do I get the heater core out to replace it?

Emptied glove box then loosened the card board - so can move the glove box around and get behind it while it doesn't seem to come out. It is not clear how to get into where the heater core is to replace it. How does someone get the heater core out? Please advise... any help is appreciated as stuck.

1977 F250 4x4 pickup without air conditioning. The factory tag in the middle of my dash that says "HIGH OUTPUT HEATER". 1971 Lincoln 460 engine. Can post pictures if desired.

To no longer have antifreeze steam in the cab I bypassed the heater core months ago by connecting the hose from the water pump to the hose coming out just below the thermostat housing (it stopped). Now forget which of the two hoses goes where on the heater core (if it matters). Does the heater core pipe closer to the passenger side fender go to the water pump or is it the heater core pipe closer to the middle of the pickup? If someone knows which heater core hose goes to the water pump the info is appreciated, otherwise will figure it out by trial and error.

Thank you for helping me get this fixed as well as create a thread that helps others fix this when it happens to them.

Info to others with Fords:
a. When you smell anti-freeze it is time to replace your heater core.
b. To breathe anti freeze is bad for your health and steam on windows lowers visibility which is very dangerous.
c. As a temporary solution if able to go without heat and defrost, as in the summer here, connect the two heater core hoses together. Just remember which one goes where...


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77 F250

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 01:35 PM

The nearby NAPA quoted me $24.69 for a new heater core and has it in stock. They were happy I knew it was a "HIGH OUTPUT HEATER". Was told there are two kinds of heater cores and often the only way to know which someone has is to measure it once removed.

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