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No Electrical power 88 F350

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 07:45 PM

I have an 1988 F350 with a fully charged battery.   I am getting power across the +/- of the regulator. But that is where it stops.  Lights don't work key on or off . Nothing on the dash N/ radio.

Before find "Ford "F" Zone" It was suggested on another site the issue. may be some little doohickey  that may have been broke. After pulled the steering column cover, I found that was not the issue. 

   The same thing happened a few weeks back.   Probably because I don't know any better. I sprayed electrical contact cleaner in the ignition switch.  That worked , this time not.. Where should I start to solve this issue


Thank You Edward Clark

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Posted 22 June 2014 - 04:49 AM

yo Edward,

A belated Welcome!


Did you spray into the ignition key lock cylinder or down at the actual ignition switch?


Call local Ford Dealer and see if this recall was done.  Or check @ http://owner.ford.co...age/RecallsPage

Have VIN ready


Recall, Ignition Switch, Short Circuit Defect info for 88-92 Fords On April 25, 1996 Ford Motor Company announced the recall of approximately nine million cars, trucks and minivans that may be equipped with a faulty ignition switch that may be responsible for causing hundreds of fires. In no case has any death or serious injury resulted from these fires. The recall covers 1988-93 models sold in both the U.S. and Canada that Ford says, "In a very small number of vehilces, the ignition switch could cause an internal short circuit, creating the potential for overheating, smoke and possibly fire in the steering column of the vehicle." The faulty ignitions switches can cause a short circuit that may lead to a fire whether the vehicle is turned on or off.
Source: by AUTOPEDIA™


Switch Adjustment in an 83; "...The following procedure is from the 1983 Ford Service manual, with a few minor wording changes, but should work for any year. Also included are a couple of illustrations from the same proceedure to help you visualize it. Remove the electrical connector from the ignition switch. Rotate the key back and forth to either side of LOCK, until a 5/64 in. drill bit can be inserted through the locking pin hole as far as possible (minimum 3/8 inch). The lock pin hole is located on the right of the switch next to the steering column tube. Loosen the two ignition switch mounting nuts. Turn the key to LOCK (feel for detent) and remove the key. move the switch up and down along the column to locate the mid-positionof rod lash and tighten the mounting nuts. Remove the drill bit from the ignition switch lock pin hole. Plug in the electrical connector and operate the lock cylinder to insure the switch is positioned properly. Confirm that all accessories are deactivated with key on the OFF position, and that all accessories are operable in RUN position..." See Diagrams
Source: by Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums http://broncozone.co...ent-proceedure/


Wiring Diagrams (Partial, Bronco similar) for F 150 in 86, 89, 91 & 95; EEC, Start/Ignition, EFI/Fuel System, Emissions, E4OD, AOD/C6 (+ clutch interlock switch), etc. from Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM)
Source: by Ford via Ryan M (Fireguy50) at fordfuelinjection



See 1989 F-150 Ignition page 28  at https://web.archive....nco_1989_28.gif


Switch Adjustment & Continuity Testing in 87-91 (from Factory Manual and the Ford Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM)
Source: by Broncobill78 (Dave) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums http://broncozone.co...&attach_id=6659app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=6659

96 Bronco, E4OD, Man Xfer Case & Hubs
See my Big Bronco & F Series Technical & Parts LINKS site. Will need to clean up dead links & add many more new links some day. Thanks to Mr. Schwim! http://schwimserver5.com/?index=1128
Thanks to All Who Serve

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